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Giving you simplified and concise information from your players about their experience and behaviours in your game. Then take action and improve your player engagement, retention and monetization.

iOS, Android, and Unity Plugins

We’re excited to say that we support native iOS, Android, and Unity!


Your App’s Personal Watchdog

Yerdy - Watchdog
Let our system monitor your games so you can focus on building them. Our in-app watchdogs will inform you when there are problems with your app, or if something is amiss from the integration process.

Receive watchdog notifications directly to your inbox or review them in our concise, user-friendly dashboard.

  • Daily Notifications to your inbox
  • Immediate Critical Issue notifications
  • Advanced Cheater Detection & Filtering
  • Anomaly & Outlier Detection & Filtering
  • Version Monitoring across all device platforms

Gain Powerful Actionable Insights

Yerdy - Inisghts
Focus on game development and let our intuitive dashboard tell you in plain English what aspects of your game are performing better or worse than anticipated.

Yerdy’s powerful insights inform you of trend changes and anomalies within your game without requiring a degree in analytics. Our platform tells you what the issues are and where to focus your attention within the six key areas listed below.

  • Discover key problem areas in your game
  • Understand what affects retention
  • Learn more about your players
  • Quick and easy to access

User Progression (Funnels)

Get key information about how your users are progressing through your app.

App Economy

Track how users earn, spend and purchase currency in your app.

User Engagement

Stop guessing at what your customers want to hear from you.

Game Health

Discover how well your game is performing compared to your previous app versions.

Ad Performance

Monitor ad fill rates working for your customers in your app titles.

Feature Mastery

Identify the features used most by your users and their familiarity with your app.

Engage Your Players


Keep your games fresh in mind and drive re-engagement with players using attractive Push Messages.

Once you have their attention, use Yerdy to promote item sales and new content. Encourage engagement through player rewards or aid them with helpful tips and tricks!

Monitor how your messages perform and reduce churn through more informed actions.

Integrated A/B Testing System That Gets Fast Results


Find out which actions and messages work best with your players. Test your player engagement strategies through our integrated A/B testing features.

Let our system tell you which engagements are performing the best, then automatically promote the top performing actions and messages to all of your players!

Yerdy - AB Test

Open-Source SDK


Don’t think you can afford this amazing toolbox? No worries. Yerdy is simple for everybody to use across all platforms. No strings attached!

Is our SDK not quite up to your standards? Feel free to tinker around in our Open Source SDK and customize Yerdy to better suit your needs. We want you to get back to making games, without worrying about the hassles of integration.

Level up your game! Hook up Yerdy today!

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